Wednesday, April 02, 2014

the first day of school...

Today was the first day of school for me at CWU - exactly 2 weeks from the day I actually applied. Talk about crazy fast! I think it's better this way - just jumping right in rather than stewing about school and getting myself all worked up and anxious all spring and summer long if I had stuck with my plan of starting fall semester.

I signed up for two classes, (a 300 level and a 400 level class) which are 6 credits total. Both are for the Elementary Education endorsement I'll be working one - one about Health Education curriculum for students and the other is about Physical Education activities for children (yes, PE!).

It's exciting to me to be back in school because I love learning and feel up for the challenge of working towards this endorsement. But can I just say that I also was very nervous this morning?! Going back to college 20 years after when I first was a freshman at BYU made me feel so old. I knew that some of my classmates would literally be young enough to be my kids. Now if that doesn't make a girl feel old, I don't know what else would!

So I dressed in very comfy clothes - my favorite jeans, a new top I sewed to help hide those extra cookies sticking to my middle these days, warm boots and a sweater.

Troy gave me a blessing this morning just like he does with the kids on their first days of school. I then said my own prayer, took a deep breath and hit the road.

And you know what? The day went great! I found parking, picked up my books, got a student id card, then got a parking permit for better parking in the future, and found my classes. Phew!

In one of my classes I am pretty sure that I am the oldest person in the class. And most of the students seemed to know each other (as happens when students move through a program together for a couple of years) but the girls I talked to were still really nice and friendly. In my second class, I definitely was not the oldest student, for which I felt very grateful. One woman even brought her 7 year old daughter to class and the professor didn't mind at all. And in this second class (Health), the professor had us interact in a couple of ice breakers and it was a great time getting to know other students and getting enthusiastic about the class.

*A few interesting and amusing things I noted that were different from my time at BYU:

1. I felt a little overdressed. The just-rolled-out-of-bed look seemed very popular on campus. Now that I know that, I'm all for sweatshirts and ball cap days!

2. Tattoos and pierces are also very popular with college students at CWU. Like, a LOT of tattoos. Now that's something I definitely did not see at BYU.

3. Came across quite a few smokers on campus. Smoking wasn't allowed at BYU obviously, but these days I just don't really see smokers even around my town very much. Why are college kids smoking? Why oh why?!! Are kids seeking a college education not reading those pesky articles about cancer and all that stuff?

4. And one of my favorite things - you can now rent textbooks. Yes, RENT! I purchased a used textbook (used was $114 versus $189 for new) and fortunately, a girl I was chatting with in class mentioned that I could rent textbooks. Back to the bookstore I went, returned the book and rented the exact same textbook that I just returned for only $24 for the term. Is that not great or what?!

That was my day in a nutshell. I'm now a CWU Wildcat!

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Kirsten said...

Good for you!! Every time I think about going back to school I have to help one of my kids with their homework and I remember how much I hated it, though Mission Prep was a blast! A couple of days and you'll be the "cool kid" on campus.


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